Friday, April 27, 2012

Betty Boop Fancy Dress

So, I'm sitting here with my hair in tight rollers and my retro soft hood dryer.  Why? I'm off to a fancy dress party beginning with the letter B (for the Birthday girl's name).  I've got a killer red retro dress and with any luck my hair and make up will resemble Betty Boop.  Unfortunately, I really don't have the body for it.  My body is more suited to ummm, a Teletubbie.

Here is the photo of someone made up like Betty Boop. And then me, work in progress.

 This is the make up artist on Youtube.  Here are the links for her.  She's done a fantastic job.
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Okay.........and here I am.  I can tell you now.  I think I will look more like Heath Ledger as the joker in Batman.  Stay posted for the finished product, it is sure to make you laugh.

Well, here is the finished product with hubby the butcher.  Not quite as nice as the photo above but for little ol Casino it was okay.  I'm going to have another go at it in a month or so.  I won first prize for the dress ups.

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